How to create index.html


Hi friends, this may sound stupid but I am really new to here.

I am not very good in html editing or web designing. I just need to upload some files and it should have a website.

I have uploaded my files and when I go to the link, the files are listed but at the same time there is a “hooray message” “you see this page because your wesite doesnt have index.html”. (I wanted to have all the files in a white background where anyone can download from it)

something like this

after googling I could find that there has to be a file called index.html in the public/html.

So i created one text document and renamed it as index.html and uploaded to public/html folder. now I go to addtess, it shows the message inside the text file which I had created.

can anyone help me?


create a file name with index.html thats it


What should be the content on it? it should be blank or any coding needed?

I know nothing about coding. I just need to list all the files in white background from where when I click on that it starts downloading


@ginodave This tutorial will help you.


Thanks alot for helping out.


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