How to find why my website is not responding?

1000MS and my website down. This is normal?


Is this is happening all time or you did some changes? and can you press the repair button in general tab and try loading your website again


I have not made any changes in a month.
my users informed me.
the problem continues.

My 2 users messages 1 day ago.:

1 [TR] kardeş linke tıklıyorum açılmıyor.
1 [EN] I click on the website does not open.

2 [TR] siteden indirilmiyor böyle bir sayfa yok diyor link kırılmış sanırım
2 [EN] I do not have such a page that is downloaded from the site, I think the link is broken.


Okay so did you tried repair button?


I do not think it’s a software problem.
I am experiencing a delay (lagg) problem, this is the server problem.
I think you understand me, my friend.

but I will do what you say despite everything.
I want to make a backup before I repair it.
but the zyro builder is not opening.

I do not want to get a mistake.
I never make repairs without taking backups.


Repair button won’t delete your website or data it just fix some server issues. So you don’t have to make any backup.
You can read more about it here



I received the message that it was successfully repaired.
my website is completely closed.
this is normal ?_?


You have CloudFlare DDOS protection in front of your website. If you set that up yourself, log into your CloudFlare account to see if there are any problems.

Of course, the request could be getting to 000webhost and then timing-out on a sluggish script. So, put a very simple HTML page in the root of your site, and try to go to that.


This is really true, man?


130.000 ???



Am I a DDoS victim?


Whatever, Cloudflare protected you, now please wait 24 hours to see if everything gets back to normal.


If cloudflare are overcome and true ip address is found it will not be good at all.
I trust 000WebHost protections.
CloudFlare protection with the CloudFlare resolver can be overcome.
but WebHost will protect us. It’s not a problem if I get attacked.
I hope it was pronounced correctly.
Thank you for your effort to understand me.


We do our best to protect our users.
And, I suspect (not sure), cloudflare faking those just as a marketing trick. (Again, I’m not sure about it)