How to install OwnCloud

Hello there today is a short tutorial to install “OwnCloud”

If you’d like more information on what “OwnCloud” is then you can access it here:

Visit OwnCloud to begin the download -

Once downloaded upload it to your webhosting account…

I’ve uploaded it using FileZilla…

Now I visit the File Manager and extract the files…

Or Premium…

Now the files will be extracted into public_html if you’d like to run the script on your main site i.e. or

Else you can extract into a directory like etc

Time to install now so just visit or the directory you’ve installed in…

Click on index.php if it doesn’t load automatically.

Choose a username & password and you can install it without database if you want…

Now easy as that you are setup and ready to go!

If you’d like to use database then just go back a step…

Make sure you create the database in the backend of 000webhost first or the premium panel using cPanel and put the database name, username and password into the script correctly.

Now your script is up and running I’d recommend getting the desktop client for any computers you use -

And also the mobile click for your Android or Apple device!

I downloaded the Android Application to keep an eye on files I will be sharing with workmates.

I also will be using this to backup my 000webhost website on and keep copies of it there!

Simply visit Google Play & download + install the application!

Once installed it may ask for permissions

Now you’ve got access to your shared files!

I created the backup folder from the web client and it appears within the mobile application within seconds!

You can upload files directly via any device now and keep track of them on all devices too!