How to login to old members area?

Hi guys.

A couple of years ago i made a little webpage for my mother-in-law. It was hosted at

I am now trying to get it into the new members systems, but somehow i am not managing it.
I think i made the mistake of making a new account before going into the old one and “deleting it”.
So now when i go to the new account and try to make a new “” it tells me the website already exists, and i can’t login into the old account anymore! :confused:

How can i fix this?
I don’t need to make any backup (i still have the files on my computer, so i could just upload them to the new server).

All help is very welcome.
Thank you!

I put in a request to unblock that domain. This happens to everyone who migrates and tries using the same domain as before. :frowning:

Will i then be able to use the same domain?
that is great, thank you!

Yes. I will let you know when they unblock the domain. :wink:

What was the old control panel email address?

The migration page is showing because the site exists, the old account and site have not been deleted.

that is a little problem, i’m not sure. :frowning:

It could be

sorry… :confused: has a new panel account with one website created 2 days ago - has a new panel account with one website created also 2 days ago -

Neither email has the original subdomain against it.

could it be

1 Like is the owner of the subdomain yes 


oh, thanks!!! :smile:

What should i do then?

An email with your password reset link has been sent to

Login here after resetting the password.

Once you’ve reset the password and delete your site or back it up and then delete it via control panel using the RED X at the bottom of the control panel, once your account list is empty hit your name under customer details and delete the account/profile.
You’ll be logged out.

You can now log back in using the same email and new password and the new panel will appear for you.

Thanks! that worked really well.
I am very impressed with the help we get on this forum. Nice job! :smile:

So now the next part is creating the new website, but when i try to use the adress it tells me that the address is already in use?
(but i have just deleted it on my old account. does it maybe take some time to work?)

Also, on the new members area, there is a website called (which was automatically created), how can i delete it?

Thank you!

Hit general settings then delete site at the far bottom.

What email address are you using to add the domain onto now?

it keeps saying “this domain is already taken”! :confused:

i would like the adress to be, This is how i have been trying:
i go to “My Websites” > Details > Set Webadress > Free Sub Domain

Am i doing it right?

Yeah what email are you logged in with?

You should be able to park these domains under that email.

i am logged in with

should i pick the adress when i create a new site? Or where whould i choose the adress?
(i am only making the caferufus, not the others)

While on luis_bento hit Manage on your site and then set web address, subdomain and try and use caferufus and

oh yeah, that did it. Thank you!!! :smile: