How to point domain from Bigrock to 000webhost


To get started visit

1)Login to your Account using your Username and Password.

2)Click on your Registered Domain to open DNS Managemaent.

3)Now Click on “Name Servers”.

4)Remove the existing bigrock name servers and update it with 000webhost name servers.

5)Once you click “Update Name Servers” it can take a few minutes for the changes to take effect but if you visit your control panel you should be able to park your domain hopefully.

6)Now Login to your 000Webhost Account and Click on “Set Web Address”

7)Scroll Down and Click on “Add Domain”.

(*Note:- Here i’m using “NameServers” to park instead of pointing using CNAME.)
8)Click on “Park Domain” and Then Click on “Next”.

9)Enter your “Domain Name” and then click on “Park Domain”

10)You Should get “Domain has been parked” notification at top right.

Now you have successfully pointed your domain from BigRock and parked it correctly at 000webhost

Now it is time for you to make your website and upload it.

If you have any questions do reply or PM me!!!

Can I use A records in place of CNAME

Great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing here!!!