How to point naked domain (without www) to 000webhost


If opened with i am getting my website. But if i type without “www.” i ma getting 404 error. Could any please help me out in this fix.

Thanks in adv,
Kishore Mvs

A record, hosting IP

we are currently in progress to create ability for our clients to point naked domain (without www.) to the same 000webhost website.

Until then you can use cloudlfare DNS which supports ALIAS DNS records and can point to your website CNAME


What worked for me:

Find the a-record for your subdomain. Assuming it’s for you, this appears to be according to

Go to your domain provider (same place you edited the CNAME). Change the value of the a-record there with name @ to your subdomain’s IP address (i.e. Make TTL 600 or something else suitably low.

Wait up to 5 minutes. If it doesn’t work, let me know that I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, are the “naked domains” easily activated in some way yet?

Many search engines default to the non-www version of the web address so they’re now broken since I moved to the new control panel.

Thank you.


naked domains are activated automatically if you park domain to 000webhost nameservers


If you use CNAME point, you can make the record “@” point to “” replacing yoursite with your actual website name, and make a CNAME record “www” that points to “” replacing with your actual domain name

If you use nameservers, non-www will be default


worked for me. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: