Html5 site template


hey is it possible to use one of the templates from website
for one of my website under 000webhost hosting?
i tried to load one of em but got “no style.css found” error.


You must have failed to upload the style.css file.


but there is no style.css file in their zips, u can check em yourself


Ive used one of their design, works well.
I have modified it allot but works well out of the
it is css in assets css folder


couldnt find any style.css file in any folder


Wich template is this?
I think it should be the main css.
Could you provide link to your webpage and to the template used? Ill see if I can find anything wrong.


Try and download the who thing again, this time upload and unzip it usually unzipper?

Clicky for tutorial

Also post your site URL.