HTTP response 301

My site was suspended 3 days ago for exceeding number of unique requests but after contacting and explaining the situation (and subscribing to paid service) I got a reply

“I’ve removed the suspension this time on that website for you** **ON THIS OCCASION.”

It then worked fine for 1 day but since last 4-5 hours I’m getting “301 Moved Permanently” HTTP response. The site has a redirection via domain via Cloudflare (nameservers are set correctly). The “Location” field of the response code contains “”. However, when the browser sends another request to the new location it gets 301 again with the “Location” field set to “” and then again and again. It alternates between HTTP and HTTPS protocols! Do you know what is going on?

Hello. You have plugins and settings which interfere eachother. Please disable all Cloudflare rules and redirects. Reply after doing so in order to diagnose the issue further :slight_smile:

Thank you. I just disabled Cloudflare rules but it probably takes some time to propagate… I’ll check later and see if the problem persists…

I see in your email you’ve said “In the meantime I have already subscribed to the Hostinger paid service.”
Likely Hostinger have created a redirect for you to their hosting.
When you upgrade you no longer use 000webhost.
You use Hostinger, use the live chat if you’ve got any queries via their control panel.
Your domain should be pointing to Hostinger nameservers not 000webhost.
If you need help setting it up with CloudFlare you can try the live chat on Hostinger :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand that. Just asked to continue using 000webhost site for a short period (few days) until I replace the code on the microcontrollers. In order to do that I need the access to the original site, otherwise I would need to get physical access to the devices which isn’t convenient. Thank you for understanding.

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Wait; which website/domain you want to redirect where? :slight_smile:

I can see your domain is no longer linked to your site. We’ll update the default 000webhostapp address to your Wordpress database and we’ll try again once database node goes online again.

Yes, I have already redirected my domain to the paid Hostinger server and it’s fine. There is no more redirection to 000webhost, I access it directly via and that’s fine too. I already switched the traffic from one microcontroller to Hostinger and need few more days to switch the other one.

By the way, I was warned that I overused the resources on 000webhost but I’m actually not sure how. I asked the question about the 000webhost limits several months ago (Infinity knows). It is because I can see on the “Statistics” page that the “danger zone” is 500 requests per minute. I only had 4-5 requests per minute! Not sure about “unique visitors” per day because all my requests come from the same 2 IP addresses (of my two microcontrollers). Could you please tell me which resource I had actually overused and what was the reason for the suspension?

576 unique visitors in 24 hour period was honestly the latest suspension while the limit is 500.

That’s what I don’t understand. How is the “unique visitor” status established? Is it by unique IP address? Because my site is not a commercial site at all. It was created to support testing of a new IoT device project and the only access to the site is made by 2 microcontrollers (about twice a minute) and by few test engineers who periodically (once a day or so) access the application. The microcontrollers are located in the apartments and they access the Internet via home router. I think their IP address can only be changed by the Internet provider. There is no chance (other than spammers) that anyone else in the world would ever want to access my site. You can also see that a daily throughput is in the order of few megabytes only. Could you please help me understand how the “576 unique visitors” number was established.

How is the “unique visitor” status established? Is it by unique IP address?

Yes, we filter requests based on IP addresses, therefore screwing up numbers is unlikely.

Could you please help me understand how the “576 unique visitors” number was established.

Might be related with that:

I just disabled Cloudflare rules but it probably takes some time to propagate

I’ve been experiencing the same issue when linking some of my domains with Cloudflare for quite a while. My websites (I mean literally blank websites) suddenly started receiving random traffic from across the globe (sometimes over 1000 visits/day!). My theory is that Cloudflare holds some partnerships with data science companies and share linked domains with them for … whatever reason. Which sucks if you ask me.

Have your domain unlinked from Cloudflare for a while and wait to see if issue occurs again.

Thank you for the reply. It might be something with Cloudflare because I know that the only real access is made by the two microcontrollers and they have fixed IP addresses.

However, because of the false “unique” visitor count my account was suspended! In the meantime I disconnected from Cloudflare but how can I see if it made the difference? Where can I see the “unique visitor count”?

We currently don’t display this information in cPanel as feature is quite new. We’ll implement it in future.

If your site will be suspended again, we’ll know it’s a false positive. Please contact us with reference to this topic and we’ll unsuspend it.

Thank you. I probably won’t use webhost much longer since I switched to Hostinger.