I can not connect to FTP


Hello everybody. I have a website esheraz.000webhostapp.com, until today everything worked fine, but something happened and now I do not connect to ftp

Статус: Определение IP-адреса для files.000webhost.com
Статус: Соединяюсь с…
Статус: Соединение установлено, ожидание приглашения…
Статус: Инициализирую TLS…
Статус: Проверка сертификата…
Статус: TLS соединение установлено.
Команда: USER esheraz
Ответ: 331 User esheraz OK. Password required
Команда: PASS **********
Ошибка: Соединение прервано после 20 секунд неактивности
Ошибка: Невозможно подключиться к серверу



Please try changing the ftp password


I’ve been changing it for the third time already


once you change the password, does it work and then break again?


I stopped working, I changed my password, then stopped working again and now that I did not do it, it does not connect to ftp.


In the file manager through the site I also can not go, writes Log in details are not correct., Although I enter it correctly


One FTP monitor is under maintenance thank you for your patience.


When can I connect to my ftp?


We will update once FTP maintenance has finished.


How long will it be?


Not sure it has been about 40 minutes so far so maybe give it an hour but I’ll report here when it is finished.


Try now @milorabot



now it’s work, thank you