I can not manage my website

I can not manage my website that I made with old Zyro.from website Builder for the past 2 days I have been receiving the following message:
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2020-10-15 171130
(Great! Loading Easy Website Builder for you …
No code knowledge is required, our magical elves will do all the job!)

But is not working!

Hi there, so sorry you’re having trouble with the website builder. Unfortunately, as you read, it’s been deprecated and can no longer be used to edit your site. You have a couple options:

  1. Edit the existing HTML code yourself. I helped write a script that will organize the code and make it easier for you to edit, if you’d like to try that (backup your site first). [NEW] Zyro File Structure Fixer
  2. Use the new version of Zyro at https://zyro.com
  3. Create a new site from scratch using something like Wordpress, or even just learn HTML.

Is there a video showing what I need to do to edit the HTML code?

Unfortunately not yet, but I’ll be working on one soon. Check that topic I linked to soon for more info.

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