I cant reach my Homepage


Hi again.

Two days now I have not been able to reach my Homepage, no matter what browser I use.

It happened very suddenly, because some hours before it was no problem at all: My homepage is situated in Sweden: https: // tornehamnstugan.000webhostapp. com/

Now I get the error: 502 Bad Gateway nginx.

What could be the problem?

If You can´t solve this server problem, then I consider to move to a more reliable server.


O. Jordan


Check this page :wink:



Ok. But even though I “check this page” I still can´t reach my Homepage. What suggestion do you have to solve this serious problem? Here is a link to a screenshot of my homepage: https://prnt.sc/h0dnor

Ola J.


If you are running lots of plugins I would recommend moving services to premium as I host many WP installs on the free hosting with no issues daily :frowning:


To understand these errors, it’s important to know: what gateway was deemed “bad” and why? On the platform, the “gateway” these errors reference is the uncached request queue. Servers have a specific number of PHP Workers available to process uncached requests at a time. If a request being processed by a PHP Worker is rejected for taking too long to complete, this causes the 502 Bad Gateway error.


Now that we know the cause of 502 Bad Gateway errors, we can identify potential solutions. Some common reasons a request may time out can include: large data imports or exports, lengthy scheduled cron tasks, killed queries, and unoptimized site code.

For cron tasks, imports, and exports that will take over 60 seconds, it’s best to break it into smaller batches. This way all the smaller batches can complete in under 60 seconds each. Doing this also has the added bonus of reducing strain on your server environment.

You can use your site’s error logs to see if there have been any code errors which might explain the timeout, as well as killed queries. If these logs don’t help, you can start narrowing down root causes.

For example, turning off all plugins and seeing if the error still exists will help you determine if the error is caused by a plugin or by your theme.

Combating 502 errors can be an art in itself. Since the causes of these errors can be deep in the code of a site and not easily identifiable, we highly recommend consulting with a developer. If you need help finding a developer will assist you.


Thanks for your advice, but I have already done that.

Ola J.


Hi again!

I would like to make a backup of my files. How can I do that in a simple way?

Ola J.


When I erased, through the FTP-server, most of the installed widgets, I could suddenly reach my Homepage. But after I tried to install some of them again, I have found out that it was the Widget “Theme My Login Settings”, which I used to protect the Homepage with a Password, which caused the problem. When I installed the widget I recieved the error 502. So now I have made it inactive again.

The conclusion is that the problem that I could not reach the Homepage, was not on my side (on my computer), but on your side, that this widget on your server caused this severe problem.

So what could You do to solve this problem, because I need to protect my Homepage with a password?

Ola J.


You can use the security tab on 000webhost.com under settings to protect a directory :slight_smile:



But how will you solve the problem that I - as user - can use the widget “Theme My Login Settings”?

I havn´t recieved an answer how I can make a back up of my files. It would be good if you - as support - could give me advice how that could be done in a simple way.

Ola J.


Unsure exactly on plugins I tend to provide assistance for 000webhost related issues.

Maybe another member of staff or forum member will assist.

You can backup your files by downloading the public_html folder over FTP


Is it possible to secure the whole Homepage through the public_html-directory? I tried, but it was not possible to press the button “Create”.


That´s not a good alternative to me, because there are several people who should be able to log in on the Hompage, but I am the only one who have the right as an administrator. And if I make a password, for example to the directory wp-content, the other users can´t log in on my name and password.
The widget “Theme My Login Settings” make that possible.
So, for me to continue using this server, the problem with this widget has to be solved.

Ola J.


Find the developer of “Theme My Login Settings” and enquire;

Else use the security tab at 000webhost.com > Settings > Security > Protect a directory > Use a / to protect public_html