I can't recreate my website. I delete it - but is still online!

Hello, first of all my apologies for my bad english, it’s not my native languaje.
I delete my website because the continous errors on cpanel, password incorrect and the bad connections in general. But today when i tried to created again said 'Another website with this name already exists ’ i check my previous page http://colegiobellavista.000webhostapp.com/ and still online, it’s a error o its normal? i need the domain please.

Hey deletion isn’t instant but I can see you did delete colegiobellavista and it doesn’t appear we’ve got any data left.

You can’t use colegiobellavista again sadly, it does tell you on the page where you want to delete it :frowning:

Feel free to make a new site with another name! :smiley: