I do not work cron tasks


now cron tasks Tasks 0/1 . if I’m trying to create a task, goes error “This site has already been disabled for cron tasks”.
But I don’t even have one task.

Cron tasks not work again

on site oasiscity.000webhost.com


Try logging out then re-logging in :slight_smile:


is not solved
what to do?)


What file do you want to execute and how often? :slight_smile:


I want to execute oasiscity. 000 webhost . com / bot . php every half an hour.If I change my domain. Cron will act?


Bot scripts are not allowed on the free service…


does not connect scripts at all. NONE
This is a bug of the site, on the second site everything works


shows available CRON tasks 1 but in reality they are not available


It is written that on a free hosting is available 1 cron task, or is it not true?


My cron job works fine, what are you putting in the box?


I think that the variable responsible for the cron on the current site on the server issued an error and was set as 0 at registration. I tried to use any PHP file. I tried to use all possible that is. The task is not created.


What error is given?


“This site has already been disabled for cron tasks”


Hmm for a fast resolution I’d suggest General Settings > Reset Website but take a backup beforehand

Else I can tag @mantas.daraciunas to have a look at your account to see why you cannot make a cron job.


ok, I’ll try now , 10 minutes, please


did not help. What are other options?


@Tautvis may look into this soon, please bare with us.


To confirm once again you cannot create cron jobs on either of your sites?


Yes, I can not create cron tasks on any of my sites. A few days ago, I successfully created the cron task.