I have a problem using 'async function'

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Good day everyone, please I have an issue whereby I can’t use Javascript async function in my code. It keeps giving a warning ‘async functions’ is only available in es8 (use esversion: 8)
I already tried using /* jshint esversion: 8 */ but it didn’t work. Please any support would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

An image of the code and error is below:
Screenshot (1)

Hello, please disable “use strict” from the top of the script if you have any

If the issue persists we’ll report it to our devs

I just checked through there’s no “use strict”. Thanks for helping.

Forwarded to our devs; I’m waiting for their reply

I appreciate. Waiting for the reply.

Good day. Please I just want to know if the dev team is still on this issue or if it can’t be resolved yet. It’s kinda urgent. Thank you

ETA 6 months most likely.

For the record, issue only affects file manager and not your script functionality; meaning if you want to save your script as it is feel free to do so, it won’t affect its content

Devs are caught up in other issues unfortunately :frowning: