I installed wordpress via the 000webhost site and now says website no longer available


since i tried installing wordpress via 000webhost to work on my existing site made with godaddy now i cant load my site i only get the “site is no longer available” error please help me it was working before wordpress installed? :frowning:
website is: gdubentertainment.ca
Thank You!!!


Head to set web address on 000webhost.com and ensure http://gdubentertainment.ca/ is LINKED to a 000webhost account :slight_smile:



now im just trying to go live but it says i must create index?


Yep, add an index.html/.php page :slight_smile:


It’s linked still says I need index in public_html


what im struggling with is how do i so do i just rename one to index.html


Alright, first rename htaccess to .htaccess
Then hit the + button in file manager and create a new file.


What’s the new file I make called I’m new at this sorry I’m just confused cus it worked then I installed and uninstalled wo now it’s screwed up


Call it index.php :slight_smile:


Now says


I see your website is working fine now.