Images not displaying on my web

Hi guys,
I have problem with images not displaying on my web.
I’m using a free hosting and my site is
i did read about not using https for free hosting, but http still doesn’t work for me.
I should stated that this is my assessment and the css is part of the template given by the teacher.

I saved them as .jpg and as far as i can see, they are all uploaded as .jpg as well.
As i’m a beginner, I can’t find what is wrong with my images or the coding.
Please help.
Thanking you guys in advance


Your website is coded's%20shop.jpg

While the files are actually uploaded inside's%20shop.jpg

Case sensitive you see, so just rename the folder to /images/ or update your coding to reflect the uppercase Images :slight_smile:

Ohhh My,
Thank you so much.
I didn’t even check that part, I kept checking on the source, name and a bunch of other things but that.
Again, thanks so much, I can summit my assessment now :slight_smile: