Incompatible webstie Template Cross Browser and smartphone



My website is displayed well only in my screen (using only mozilla) but it looks disastrous in:

  • ANY different screen sizes

I am using a template from this host!!

This is KEY!.. If the website cannot be seen properly designed in all the browsers and smarphones nothing has sense, it is better not to have a website!

Can anybody please explain me if ths is normal in this host web design service or if I am doing something wrong?

Because I will have to change host otherwise.

Many thanks.


@5antiago Your website is working fine on other browsers too and if you’re issue from other browser then post screenshot of your issue.

Also i don’t see any issue in smartphones too and if you’re any issue then post screenshot of your issue.

Try this:-
Go to Zyro Builder >> “click on settings symbol” >> “Settings” and add this "meta section"
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
Now try again from your smartphone. This should help.

You can’t expect more from any website builder, if you want a good responsive website then download html5+bootstrap based web template, then modify it as per you need and upload it.


Hi thanks,

Many friends send me screen shots of my website looking all modified… But I will try your suggestion.

By any chance do you know how I can download my website to my laptop hardrive? (not automatically but everytime I want to buck it up), easily.



Hi @5antiago
Go to your file manager and download all your website files.


I clicked in “File Manager” icon and it is only for Uploading files, not for downloading.

I have also tried from Settings - Backup (but I have to pay for that!!..amazing!!)


This host has many issues…

I just want to download my website and take it to another host… nothing works here:

  1. I have been trying to download it along many days and still don’t know how. One tutorial doesn’t have the pictures, the other is an automatic backup once a month, the one in settings I have to pay… wow!!.. what else I can do… still trying to back up my website (something basic!)

  2. The website builder is not accurate. When you see the website as a customer the layout design has all moved, spaces are bigger, text out of place, etc.

… so many issues.


You can have two free backup options (basic)

  1. Open a FTP client and connect for free to your website and download the folder public_html

  2. Open File Manager via and download your website files.

Another free option is using

Unzipper - a php script you upload to your website, visit the script and run the script and it will compress your website into a .zip file, you then download this via File Manager, FTP client or simply the browser.

If you have any more questions on the above do reply and tag me using @ then Infinity and I shall do my best to resolve any issues.


Hello Infinity,

Thanks for your reply but I would need further help please as I am not an expert on this.

Option 1:
I am reading and learining online because I do not have a clue how to do it.

Option 2:

I opened the File Manager, then selected all folders:

“public_html” + “tmp”
(I guess that is what I have to select)

But what should I do after?
The only intuitive possible option I see is “copy” or “move”, but then I cannot chose a destination folder.

I am lost.

could you please advise?
Many thanks!


Hi Infinity,

I have managed to set the FTP Client and download the folder “public_html”.

My doubts are:

What folder should I download in order to have all my website backed up for the following porposes:

  1. In the case that the website is deleted from the host

  2. In the case that I want to take the website to another host

Could you please reply by the numbers of my doubts stated above, so that it will be clearer for me.

Many thanks!