Installing Vanilla Forums on 000webhost


Time to install a forum called Vanilla on the FREE 000webhost learning platform :slight_smile:

Download the free opensource version

Type in your information (it is not required)

This page should appear now!

Once downloaded please upload the install .zip file via File Manager and extract the contents into the folder you’d like to install within i.e. public_html or /community for example.

If you are using FileZilla or alternative FTP client you can use unzipper.php to unzip in the browser like I have down below.

So once uploaded we will extract and move the installation into the folder we want to install within and run the forum from, make this public_html if you only are running this forum on the domain, else choose a suitable subfolder please.

Launch your website in the browser and the easy to follow installer should appear now!

Login to the control panel to begin with creating a MySQL database and username along with password to use.

Hit new database, choose a suitable database name / username / password to use and WAIT until this has created correctly BEFORE proceeding with the installer.

So now you’ve filled in the installer with the relevant information proceed…

Now the administration panel should load up

You’ve got tons of options to change and configure to your liking to make your forum great!

Once you’ve got everything setup the way you want with themes and plugins etc you can login to the admin panel and keep an eye on new signups and just overall maintaining the forum to good standard.


Mark? Brother of Owen?

Thanks for the info. Gosh I really have to get used with that layout. So used to phpBB & MyBB (2.0…)
Can you please tell me of the pro / cons vs. discourse or the above named softwares? Cheers! :slight_smile:


I’d push towards Discourse if you’ve got the place to host it :slight_smile:
We run it here & we are super happy with it


Yeah, I am seeing that. Pretty clean. But from what I understood it is only offered over GitHub? and somewhat of a difficuly? of actually installing it for free // proprietary, which it is not, GPL. So I assume a clean package over GitHub?

Hmm. :thinking:

Try it for free >



Best to get it on Digital Ocean pretty cheap but any docker installation should be good enough for it, takes a bit more fiddling than just uploading a PHP script, extracting and configuring but I think it would be worth the bit of extra time it takes - super clean and runs pretty sweet.


Ha! Thanks! :sunglasses:

Problems is… it’s me, my dog and my some very odd people, not worth mentioning. So I am not sure if I really should waste money for no audience. Hmm…

Besides I think that our Head-Chef-Admin (decorated with the highest order of cauliflower) would not allow me to ‘invest’ any money at this stage. :flushed:

No seriously. We are testing at the moment and as long as we do not know where we are heading there is no point putting money into it.

Digital Ocean. Thanks for that. I think I need more reading on that. I think I am getting the big picture. I think.