IPB doesn't work. HELP


I just uploaded the IPB Platform and the site doesn’t work.
link: https://dadeunde.000webhostapp.com/forum/Platforma%20IPB/IPS/
The page doesn’t load.


Hi @shut.star
Before proceeding do some changes. Put your all extracted files in public_HTML folder and then just simply visit your website and there is a file conf_global.dist.php change it to conf_global.php then it will give you installation page :slight_smile: and this link is working https://dadeunde.000webhostapp.com/?dir=forum/Platforma%20IPB/IPS/ you can try clearing your browser Cache :wink:


Head to 000webhost.com > General Settings > Modify PHP version


thanks but ive met another problem:
Link : dadeunde.000webhostapp com/admin/install/index.php?app=install&section=install&do=languages
Just put .com cus they dont let me do that… dont know why
What is that and how can i fix it?


Login to your IPB members area and download the latest version and reupload please


i put it but the previous error come and now i cant fix it … i just change at all php version and nothing


That isn’t the latest version, please download the latest version from the members area with last week’s security patch else it won’t work on 000webhost.