Is it possible to send HTTP (PUT or POST) query without SSL / TLS connexion?

I’m student from France and i have to make a project but i have to know something cause i’m “blocked”.

I’m trying to send a Sigfox callback to my distant web server in HTTP method but this server is from 000webhost and its the free version… screenshot :

My callback have to use a method called “index_put” and my function is working great on postman, i just have simulate a sigfox callback to grab what i want and send it to my database.

So, is it possible to send HTTP (PUT or POST) query without SSL / TLS connexion ? ^^
It seems like HTTP methods as been blocked for the free members? (I tryed too with beeceptor…)

Thanks to all! :smiley:

Hi, I’m not well-versed enough in PHP and SQL to know exactly what you’re trying to do, but it sounds like the issue has to do with remote mySQL. Remote mySQL is disabled on the free plan as it’s one of the limitations, but it’s available on premium plans.

If that’s not what you’re talking about, just let me know!

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Hey there!

Thanks for your reply, the free version of 000webhost was blocking me for my query.

I’m using CodeIgniter framework, and i wanted to use the public function “put” of my controller to send a query in my database by my model using function “put”, and the problem was the remote MySql ! U just put me on the way to resolve that, thank you :smiley:

Have a nice one :wink:

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