Kaspersky and other security specify Unsafe Website


It seems a variety of security measures finds 000webhost and any website hosted by them is considered unsafe. From Kaspersky to some versions of Chrome. Saying that people may get malware from sites hosted here and the like. Can you guys resolve this issue? It’s likely due to bad certificates for hosted sites. Should just need an update for security certificates. I saw one other user talking about this issue anyone else notice that people have trouble going to a website hosted here because of anti-malware/anti-virus software or security problems with browsers?


Yes. This is a known issue. If you can give me a list of antivirus programs that mark 000webhost sites as malware, that would be great. I’ll then contact them to ask them to remove the warnings. :slight_smile:


Hi @CharlieChalkdust

This happens because lots of 000webhostapp sub domains are widely used for malicious activities like phishing. So, major social apps and security guards block them. We always try to minimize phishing done in 000webhost. But, as 000webhost is a free platform it is used for those activities. So, that’s why they block those domains.

If you need those to unblock the only way is buying a domain

Either you can buy one from hostinger which has a real-time support.

or use freenom.com