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I’m the owner of and my web page is not longer available. Why is that?
It was working fine. I did not delete my web page. I did not change nothing from domain or hosting. Please, How can I restore my web page?

It has been removed for inactivity along with the owning account.

Feel free to park your domain to a new subdomain URL and start fresh.

Users must login at least once every three months to avoid inactive user deletions.

Signup a new account under the same email if required, happy site building!

Use alternative naming for your free subdomain.

Users are responsible for regular backups, our free system doesn’t offer restore/backup sadly.

i was editing my site until yesterday. but today i cannot edit my site

my site is working. but i cannot edit the site

Created 2019-08-21 18:45:50

Deleted 2020-01-14 09:30

I’ve asked developers to check this deletion as I can’t see a concrete reason myself apart from 1) user deletion manually i.e. yourself or 2) inactivity system deletion but from the logs showing it kind of looks like you were active :frowning:

In either case users are fully responsible for regular backups and we do not keep any backups at all, so the situation currently stands it appears to have been deleted permanently so the best course of action would be to start a new site and upload and files you’ve backed up or use alternative hosting as I could understand the frustation you might have at your work disappearing.

so how can i get my site back. since it is very urgent for me

Sadly we don’t keep backups, this is user responsibility as per agreed upon ToS on signup and we aren’t responsible for any loss of files be it server failure, manual deletion or other cases.

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