Log in details are not correct

@Infinity my man help me please

My File Manager isn’t letting me in!! I keep changing the password but no matter what I change it to it says:

Log in details are not correct.

Please help

i think there is problem with server because i got the same problem and i cant even view my site, it says ‘There’s nothing here, yet.’

same, but that usually fixes itself so don’t worry about it

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@sed Try now …Its working fine

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but it is not work fine in all pages

can anyone help me please.
my website works fine but my file manager is not working . login authentication failed every time i tried.
also change my password but still facing problem.

Hello Sir.
i am facing a problem in my file manager which is “login details not correct”.
kindly help . also change my password but still same problem.
my website is working fine.

@furqanmalik Try now…It should work now

its not working…please fix issue asap.

There are two likely possibilities. Either your system is not accepting cookies or your date/time settings are not current.

In your web browser, make sure that you allow cookies from our system. Most web browsers have cookie options under the privacy settings. Add our web address to allow cookies from our site. This will permit our system to set a cookie so that you do not encounter any login issues. anad manni

File Manager is working fine…if not working from your side…try after some time

I face the same issue. I have 2 Websites that i just initialized to test 000webhost features. I have 2 différent logins and the upload files Always redirects to à login page. Whichever login détails i enter there it Always answers that login details are incorrect.so i think it is a serveur problem. I have tried to remove the cookies, use à différent navigator, an other PC or smartphone, Always login details are incorrect

@Sopiano Make sure you use Correct ftp password not 000webhost login password!!!

If your forgot your ftp password…go to settings – general --change ftp password!!!

If this doesn’t help…wait for some time…it will work automatically!!!

@akhilkumar332 , still facing problem :cry: i have no data backup … fix issue kindly

Having the same problem since yesterday. My web site was also down its back up now but slow though but I cannot upload anything I keep getting password problems trying to get to the file manager even after changing it several times. When using filezilla I get home directory could not be found error messages.

I have the same issue since yesterday evening.

Log in details are not correct.

I have changed password, but that doesn’t help.
As of now it is still not working. This is on files.000webhost.com.
The site is still there but can’t be reached.

Now it’s back in business again.

I guess now others can also connect !!!