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Hi there,

I need some help with using roundcube. I set up an email account through cPanel and want to use roundcube as webmail interface. But I can´t figure out how to log in to my account. The only way I found to enter roundcube is through the the cPanel: >>Email => WebMail => RoundCube
What I need is a link that I can use on my website and that directs me to a log in area for the email account.
Where can I find that link?

Thanks for any help.

u need to create ur email address in ur cpanel b4 u can login.

That’s not what he means…

Here is a link to log into your e-mail account directly:


Hope that helps :wink:

Hi W00tbeer1

I absolutely need your help about the roudcube. I have got in my ooowebhost inbox till yeastarday but today it is appeared this ROUNFCUBE that does not let me get in!!why?it says.it is[U] impossible to connect to the server imap!!![/U]

It may be something temporary, or should I worry?It’s important for me to have an answer from you because I have important doc in my inbox!!**

I wait for your reply
Thanks Mariangela

I too am getting a “connection to IMAP server failed” :frowning:

I also have the same problem with the IMAP server, there is any news or developments.
There another way to check the mail because I have important documents in your inbox.

Thank you

Dig up old thread.
and the url for at mail and squirrel mail?
same idea?

just like this one

but is?


Edit: I tried
but it requires a login to 000webhost.

As for Squirrel Mail
seems to work. Just want to get atmail now