Make a forum look old


I want to start a forum.
I want it to look old with a lot of posts and members so it will look more attractive so more members join.

Is there any easy way of doing that?

Like if a make a forum today, it will show 20 members with 20-350 posts each and it has to look like they jjoined months or even years ago.

I cant code a forum from scratch so i have to have a freee template. Any sugestion?


In simple terms: not really no.
Why would you want to though?


as i said. To get more members faster. If you start a forum and dont have many members no one will join.


@kristina59 You could try Wordpress plus a forum plugin if you don’t want to code one


Hi @kristina59 you can use forum options like SMF, IPS COMMUNITY SUITE, mybb, phpbb, myphorum, flarum etc. for creating a good community but there is no way to instantly get 20-30 members with 20-30 posts each.
If you want to make a good community then you have manually make good content post and only after that you can get some users on your forum. :slight_smile: