Member login password


Trying to reset my account password.
I’m not getting the reset password link (after choosing to get it from ‘My Profile’).


Tried checking the spam folder?


I am having the same problem. Have not used the site in several years. Requested password reset a few times. Nothing returned. Not in spam/junk folders - nothing at all.


Email address? :slight_smile:




Try again now :slight_smile:


Tried getting in with old password. Didn’t work. Requested password reset - prompt said new password had been sent. Did not receive it. Nothing in Trash or Junk mail folders. email address jo********


Check Again :slight_smile:


I am getting the same problem. When I tried to login into my account (for cpanel of course) it said the password was wrong. So I tried resetting it but it sends nothing to my email. info@the*********


I have informed the related devs.


Please let me know when I can try again, because I literally made the account like two days ago so I’m pretty sure the password I’m typing is correct, and I really need to start to design my website.


Try Resetting now :slight_smile:


Still there’s no mail :confused:


Really weird, you do not remember your old password?


There is no old password, as I said, I made the account just two days earlier to trying to login and failing so I’m almost certain the one I type is correct (I say almost because there may be a typo that I didn’t notice at the moment of making the account).


However it should be working now :confused:


I kept trying to login and to resend the reset link but nothing changes. :frowning:


Alright, let me report that to our devs, what was your email?

By posting it here you agree that you are okay sharing your email address publicly on the community.


The one used for the account is


Understood, check back soon for updates!