Migrating from hostinger


I had a free WordPress hosting on hostinger. They are closing their free tier within 2 months. Thus, I have migrated my database and files from there.

  1. Uploaded all files using file manager
  2. created a new database and imported all tables
  3. Changed the wp-config.php with my new DB name, username, and password.

still, my website is not opening. static html files are opening fine but the WP is not opening



Let me check on that issue real quick :slight_smile:


I’ve enabled error debugging in your WordPress configuration, some errors are showing.
If you can troubleshoot them, then you’re good to go, else you’ll have to wait for our wordpress experts
@Ayu @akhilkumar332


I’ve renamed the plugins folder under wp-content and your site loads now compared to before.

Possibly plugin related?



how were you able to import the sql database? it says that Max size is 2,048KiB, but my db is about 8.4MB…


Hello as i can see you have fresh install of Wordpress now and it’s working quite fine. Post here if you get any issue again.


@gypsis use any sql file splitter or compress the sql file.


i can import a compressed tar.gz database via the sql import then?


Depending on the size you should be able to…




ok, seems that i had to compress a regular .sql file to .zip and then name it to name.sql.zip…