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The users still currently on the old panel may start to appear on the forum wondering why their website is not live and accessible, from May any accounts still yet to be migrated manually will have their website turned off - your data will still be available for backup as far as I am aware so get migrated as soon as possible to avoid issues.

Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel
Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel

The errors were about using variables not yet defined. Since the code works and the message says “Notice” rather than “Warning” or “Fatal Error” I assume it’s not really classified as an error. In other words, I assume PHP assigns a default value (appropriate to the type expected by the expression or by the assignment operation, for example zero or false or an empty string) when an undefined variable is used.

Most of the code is about 15 years old, and this is the first time I ever saw such notices. Presumably the old website’s default setting was don’t show errors. That’s the setting that the Website Settings page recommends for “production mode.” Shouldn’t it be the default setting for migrated websites?

And wouldn’t it be nice if whether or not error messages are shown could be set to depend on the user’s IP address, so that the site owner could see error messages that other users won’t see?


Have you tried changing your site PHP version down via general settings to 5.4 or the version you used to run on the old panel?

Sorry if you have already seen/done this.

As far as I am aware the old panel did show errors.


I’m trying to import my old database during the migration.

Why do I see this error message?


@Alesap, I’m seeing that error message at the top of this forum’s webpage, and this forum thread seems to have lost over 200 posts; it’s currently showing me only 8 posts. Hopefully their problem will be fixed soon and you’ll be able to complete your migration.


Hi I am getting “Connection Reset” every time I try to backup using backup.php file.

Tried by giving 777 to backup.php file, no success.

P.S. : I have WordPress blog to backup.


I’d recommend backing up your site via FTP if the backup script doesn’t work.

If migrating WordPress I would recommend a fresh installation of WordPress and importing your site into WordPress once installed.


One more important thing, Is it compulsory to delete the old profile? As we will loose our original account registration date. It’s kind of loyalty honour for us. At least very important for me.


If you don’t delete old profile you’ll need to use a new domain. The old domain is linked to the old profile.


I was talking about registration date, not a website creation date. :slight_smile:


Administration will always know your registration date.


I have not been able to use the backup.php file successfully. I have copied it to the correct location /public_html and run it.
The routine displays the page as described. I leave the empty box to backup the entire 000webhost website and hit Backup 000webhost website. This results in “This page isn’t working” on Chrome and “This page can’t be displayed” on IE11.
When I use the ftp File Manager from the “old” control panel there are several zipper files but non of them have the zip extension.
According to the documentation they will be corrupt.

I can’t ftp to any of the websites I look after so copying the contents off with an ftp client like FileZilla or WINSCP does not work.
I’m not sure why I no longer have access via FTP as there is no firewall in the way.

Any help on getting this to work would be appreciated as it will become an issue when the websites stop working.

I currently have 3 websites hosted by 000webhost and deleting their respective accounts to get to the “New” control panel is not currently an option until I can get this data off.


I am attempting to move to the new panel, but have had only partial success.

My website was (and is) created and maintained on my laptop, so backing
up was a non issue.

The new website does not (and cannot, as far as I can see) have the same
name as my original version.

The original was

And I have posted links to this to several forums over the years.

The new site is

which was no leading ‘www’. This wouldn’t matter, except all
my historic forums posts now have INVALID LINKS.

Question 1: Is it possible to have my old URL back?

Whilst uploading my family tree (54 Mb in 4000 files), my mirror -R
in lftp consistently times out.

Q2) Is this a known problem, either with lftp or more generally?



Backup all data… Delete old account… make new account… register for this domain on new panel(as old panel is deleted) … push your files


Use FTP to download your files, find your FTP details within your old panel, reset your FTP password if you can’t connect, else post the error messages FileZilla gives.


www. isn’t coming back.

If you need it take a free domain from FreeNom.com or purchase a domain from a registrar and you’ll get www. and non www.

Best to zip your website, upload it and extract it if you are encountering upload issues with thousands of files.


Because that was throwing up errors I’ve managed to get all the standard tables in by copying and pasting the sql into phpmyadmin SQL tab and running each table individually. This has worked on all items with the exception of the views.


Hi, it’s me again.
The “already taken” issue is still there, and I can’t use the same free domain as before. It’s been a week now that the website is offline due to this…


What is your domain that is taken please?

Also have you deleted your old site from the old control panel, deleted the old profile, been logged out of the old panel, logged in again using the same email and then new panel displayed?

I don’t think you have…

So visit here

Login with your old email and password, click enter cPanel on each site you own, back them up if you haven’t already, use the “move account details” http://members.000webhost.com/panel/move paste this onto your control panel when it has loaded up, now hit back into your control panel, delete your site/account right at the bottom of the control panel, back to empty account list, hit your name under customer details on the right hand side and then delete profile.
You’ll be logged out, login again with the same old details and the new panel will appear for you.


I have a problem.
As I wrote I’ve migrated my profile to the new panel and my website worked. But I can see it: