Mihailji question

Hello! My website is suspended due to some violating terms of service.
Can you tell what exactly rule has been violated?

Your website was system suspended for exceeding the free plan limits and excessive server usage.

This is your one and only warning, backup your content now if you don’t have a recent backup.

If you are suspended in the future for any reason at all you will only be able to upgrade to Hostinger to continue and recover files.

Can you answer please what limit was exceeded?

I can’t view the logs due to the ongoing issues.
You’ll be fine it was likely a one off.

@Infinity recently Issue has been solved and website successfully opened, but now again server goes down adn web not working, Whats issue now…??

The recent issue not been solved

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Still in sleeping mode. Can’t access to the site

Seems to be unsuspended currently?

Yes, now it’s working. Thanks