Missed Black Friday Special Deal Last Year



Last year you had a special deal which unfortunately, I missed for a discounted price of 0.79 per month. If you were to offer that deal again I would pay for a website. I believe I would have to sign up for 2 years, but it would be worth it. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I help run a free internet radio station. I makes no money off of that website. Please let me know if you are willing to offer that deal again now or not. Thank you. Take care. May God bless you and your family!

Warmest regards,


I am so very sorry, but we are no longer able to offer this deal again. You could either wait until our next promotional offer or you could subscribe to a plan starting at $2, which has a 30 day money-back gurantee.

Sign up here:


Greetings Hexa,

When is your next promotional offer and will it be for the same 0.79 a month? Thank you. Take care. May God bless you.

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Marilyn relaxed:


I think we’ll be having a spring discount, as we did have one last year. If I were you, I’d check the Hostinger website occasionally to see if any discounts are posted. If there is and you’d like to order, use the link I sent you earlier. :wink:


Greetings Hexa,

Will the spring discount will be for 0.79 a month and if so for how many months? Thank you. Take care. May God bless you!

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Hi @hothitsofthe80s

If you are interested in upgrading, why don’t you upgrade now? You can even check their cPanel before upgrading. However, I don’t think that hostinger offer a discount on their hosting packages because they got lot of new users in the black friday. I think you have to wait until the next black friday :wink: However, if hostinger post a discount we will lets you know ASAP.

If you have any other question to ask reply here. :slightly_smiling_face: