My domain keeps displaying a website that is already deleted from 000webhost

On my previous 000webhost account I created a website and used a .tk domain “ but I think I deleted the account and everything Basically if you reach it through 000webhost domain it even says “THIS SITE HAS BEEN DELETED BY THE AUTHOR so now I changed my name servers from 000webhost and it is STILL displaying the website and it’s contents how is this possible when the site has been deleted and now I can’t use the domain elsewhere it

Hello @ZGDX and welcome to the community! This sounds to be an issue that’s outside the scope of the 000webhost platform. Whenever you update the name servers and point them away from those of 000webhost, we no longer have control over what is displayed on the domain. However, when updating name servers, it can take up to 24 hours to apply changes globally, which is what you may be experiencing. It’s best to give it some time for the update to officially take effect.

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