My email forwarders do not work now

Hi! I created two email forwarders when I migrated my domain from hostinger to 000webhost. This domain is parked.
When I created them, they were failing several days. After a time, they begin to work. I do not know why.

Now, both email addresses are failing again and do not know how to make them work.

What can I do for solving this issue?

Kind regards

Use alternative service which is more reliable like ImprovMX

Thank you very much @Infinity

Cannot find in the 000webhost panel where to enter the MX entries improvmx gives. Since I have a free hosting service with 000webhost, I find the “Edit MX Record” button blocked.

I Tried to enter these entries in the hostinger control panel, within the domain configuration-> DNS zone. It seems that this last step does not work neither :frowning:

Any suggestion?

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If you revert to your domain registrar nameservers to allow you to add in an MX record using DNS management or ask them to do it for you it should let you set one

I am not sure if I have understood you well. I understand my domain registrar is hostinger. I purchased my domain there and the panel for domain management is still there. I modified the MX records following improvmx instructions but it did not work.

What do you mean with revert to my domain registrar nameservers?

Sorry about this. I am not an expert in this field.

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Hi @Infinity

Hostinger tells me that DNS changes takes from 24h to 48h to take effect. We will see if this works tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :wink:

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