My ftp content is missing and my website is missing?

Good morning,

I have uploaded my website on the domain in the same acccount but now, when i had signed in into my account its completely different there is not any content and nothing is there and i have not any backup for those content so please let me know how do i get all those stuff again?

I am really disappointed with this action of yours without any mail or any pre required precautions…

I want my content back any how…please let me know by mail for any further update…

account :

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It seems there has been a complete 000webhost rewrite but I don’t remember receiving any preliminary notice of any kind either, indeed…

Your account has status canceled for inactivity.
Try to

Login to your old panel

Oh I see.
Thanks @vaidas.
Actually I came to 000webhost without knowing that and tried to login.
I eventually reset password and logged in to what you call the new panel.
As I never went to that cpanel-login?to=old URL, it seems my site was not migrated properly, and then that would explain why I lost my subdomains (?):