My site does not load (backup)


A few years ago I created a WordPress site in the hostinger system.
I have a backup of the site itself (TAR file)
And sql file.
I uploaded the tar file into the system and extracted the files.
I opened a new DB and uploaded the sql file to it.
I changed the wp-config.php file to match the new database data (DB_NAME, DB_USER (same), DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST (localhost)

Ostensibly the old site was supposed to work, but I was trying to load the site I was waiting and waiting and finally I get an error from the browser:
This page does not work can not currently handle this request.

How can I solve this?

The URL is:


If you open the .sql file locally in notepad or notepad++ do a search and replace for i.e.

replace with

then import into PHPMYADMIN.


Which file to edit? The sql file? Where is this in the sql file?


I assume you’ve got the .sql database from previous hosting, there will be tons of values no doubt inside the file relating to previous hosting, open .sql file in notepad and CTRL+F / edit then find and type in your old URL, you’ll probably find loads of matches so just use search and replace.


I tried to replace the new address and changed the name of the database, but still it gives me an error


Did you drop the old database tables first?


I pressed what on the left side and then pressed import. Before I imported there were no tables in my database (id7394355_noam)


Maybe just paste the database into the SQL tab and click go, after dropping existing tables.


I copied the sql file into the sql pane and clicked ‘go’.

Tables added
But I open the site and I get a white screen


Hi @noam65!

Can you access the Admin panel: ?

If so, please temporarily change the theme back to “Twenty Sixteen” and see if the site is working now.


Yes it worked!
Thank you very much for the answers.

I just have another question if possible, why do these things appear on the main page of the site?



I have fixed this issue as well. There was a line in /public_html/.htaccess which had to be modified.

For statistical reasons, what is your website about? :slight_smile:


Yes, a few seconds ago I saw it was fixed, thanks.
The site is a site from a few years ago that dealt with products from aliexpress.
By the way, thanks for the excellent help (:slight_smile: