My Site Is Blank And Does Not Show Anything

I am having issues and need assistance please? I have setup phpBB forum here on 000Webhost and everything was working fine. I purchased a domain name and pointed the name servers correctly. On my 000Webhost account
it shows site address for the address i had before having a purchased domain name still and as said is showing as running.
When i go to that url and or domain it just shows a blank web page and it is the same if i go to the purchased domain name. I am new to this and just trying to understand what i did wrong, how to fix it and or what is going on with site. Please
reply with help and thank you!

Hi @User2468!

Please change your PHP version to a lower version and try again: cPanel > Settings > General > Change PHP version > 5.6 :slight_smile:

Okay i will try doing that.

@User2468 Is your issue solved??

@akhilkumar332 No it has not been solved as of yet.
I was asked to try and change the phpBB version.
I was and am not able to even access the control
panel at all. I don’t know if this is because it is changing
to the domain i have purchased or not. That is why
i am here to see where the issue is and how i can fix it.
Can you assist me further?

You need to change php version from 000webhost account settings not from wordpress settings.
Downgrade to php version 5.6, see if this helps.

Was this a fresh install??

@akhilkumar332 okay so i went onto my 000Webhost account into settings and changed it from newest release of php to
version 5.5 and tried my site and still nothing. So keep in mind i’m new to this and trying to figure where i went wrong. Here is what my domain setting show. Reply back please if they are wrong.

They are fine.

Can you try Php version 5.6?

If it is a fresh install, Follow the below tutorial and install again.

@akhilkumar332 i changed php to the version you stated. I still get blank web page. I have been having my 000Webhost account for about three days and i had uploaded the php a day later. I had it all up and running. I installed a different theme
and things were still working. I then decided to purchase a domain name and so after doing so i had pointed my name servers on my account i purchased my domain from. It was working still. I then went and was trying to get my theme for phpBB to activate and couldn’t figure out why it did not want to set so i can’t recall what i last set them on. That said i don’t think there would be a way to have both off and leading to blank web page, so yeah i not sure where my issue is at all. I know you are trying to help me but if all else fails i’ll just have to reset my web site and or forums and redo things but will wait for you to see what you might have at mind etc.

Can you try php version 5.4?

If still you face the same, then i suggest go for fresh install.

@akhilkumar332 Okay thanks!