My Site is marked as dangerous by google chrome


Whenever someone goes on my site, the browser pops up a page saying my site is dangerous and not secure. How do i fix this?


Hi wmfpd!

Your website has probably been reported to Google as deceptive, but it’s a false positive. This error can be bypassed if you are accessing your website over a secured HTTPS line. You can use Cloudflare to set up your site to use SSL.

Please follow this tutorial:


Its Still Not Working, Whenever I Go On the domain, it still says it is daangerous


Your website is not yet pointing to Cloudflare’s NSs…


But I Changed my nameservers on which is my domain provider


Nameserver changes can take up to 24 hours.


Please post screenshots from:

• Freenom cPanel on NS tab
• Cloudflare cPanel on DNS tab
• 000webhost cPanel on Set web address (all linked/parked domains)


@wmfpd Your website is now working fine. Check!