My Site will not load at all


Hello All,

Yesterday my site was working fine. This morning I needed to add more stuff to my site but its not working. I can’t even load my site. My browser says “Safari can’t find this server”, and yes i tried in chrome to and doesn’t work :frowning:

Heres my site:

What can I do? I need to finish this asap for an assignment!!


Your site is working fine. Try clearing your cache and flushing your dns, before trying again. :slight_smile:


I also just noticed there is some planned maintenance and will affect FTP, which is what is happening


Seems fine here!

Can you screenshot the issues you are having?


@jgofficial1 Is your issue solved?


At the moment my site is loading. It seems to happen at random times. The thing im having the most trouble with is with my FTP Manager Cyberduck. When I upload my changes it says “can’t connect to DNS”

I also just noticed this above:

“Our servers are undergoing some planned maintenance. This will take a few days, and during this time you may experience issues with FTP and the File Manager. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

This might be why the reason Im having some issues connecting my FTP to the server


Whenever possible take screenshots, thanks!


In my browser this happens:

In Cyberduck, my FTP manager :


Hi @jgofficial1!

Apparently your problem is caused by DNS propagation. Please make sure no one is blocking your machine or your applications from accessing * and * domains.

Please make sure your ISP allows access to 000webhost as well.


How do I do that? In router settings?


Contact your internet service provider and ask them to unblock * and * domains for you.

This should solve your issue.
Let us know what they said.