MySQL Database Details


If there a way for 000webhost to provide me with some MySQL details


DBHost localhost
DBName Found in manage databases section
DBUser Found in manage databases section
DBPass The passwird you set when you created the database


Hi there,

I have tried to connect with those info using “DBeaver” (an SQL Client) and I receive some connection errors.
Database can be accessed with SQL Clients? (maybe i make something wrong ^^)



Remote connections are not available on free plans, to connect, you have to connect to your database using your website using mysqli_
If you need remote mysql, please consider upgrading to premium :wink:


roger that

thanks for your fast replay :slight_smile:


No problem, so was your problem solved? :wink:


the question - yes
the problem - yes

I have to start from scratch again coping files on server using a FTP client and the database issue was solved with import function. Had to upload a ~5MB SQL file


Nice to hear!
Any new questions that you face do not hesitate to open a new topic or PM any moderator :wink: