Need help with httpS



I have a problem with linking my domain to the subdomain.

  • I got it to work but only with www. in front of it.

Now only httpS works. What can i do to make the non secure http to work?






Hi, your custom domain doesn’t load at all. Are you sure you followed the tutorial?



thanks for responding.

I made it work a bit.

Now i wil show me the page, with non secure, but comes up with a “502 Bad Gateway” often.

dont know what i could do


The 502 Bad Gateway is a current issue that we are working to resolve. It should be fixed soon. :slight_smile:


Seems to be okay at the moment?

non www

https doesn’t work for me correctly as you don’t have CloudFlare


oh i see.
okay i thought it was me who could not figure it out.

many thanks for the help.