Need help with pointing domain to host 000webhost


Hello, I’m having a problem with my website.
I have built a website on the free host of 000webhost and parked my own domain by changing NS successfully. The website actually has access to this domain (it is
However, there is a problem, after typing your own domain, the website automatically switches to the default domain of the host as mysite. 000webhostapp. com, which means that all other urls such as products and articles are not showing up with my domain, ads will not work properly.
What do I need to do to fix it?
Thanks you very much.

Here is photo (more photo was post in the comment below)


This’s my domain DNS zone


This is the domain name that parked in the host as instructed


have you tried pointing it instead of parking?


If you’ve pointed it correctly and it is working and it still displays the free domain in the browser this is because you need to configure your script to use your custom domain what script are you using is it WordPress for example


Can you tell me in detail? I tried to edit the url with php database but the website stopped access because of the error: the server’s ip could not be found or error: the website was redirected too many times


I have not understood your way of doing it? how will it do


If you have in the 000webhost panel like your screenshot shows, it says CNAME which means you’ve added it by CNAME method at some point.
If you have now pointed nameservers instead you need to remove it from 000webhost panel and add domain again using park domain.


Do you mean that we will delete cname and only keep NS and add the domain to 000webhost by domain park?


Yes :slight_smile: hopefully that will help


I tried but website not working :frowning::expressionless:


Good day!

Your nameservers do not appear to be set up correctly. Please head back to your registrar and make sure your domain is configured to use NS01.000WEBHOST.COM and NS02.000WEBHOST.COM as nameservers.

Please reply after doing so :slight_smile: