Nextcloud install in webhost

I have installed nextcloud apparently successfully in free “host 000webhost” using web installer

I enter one first time with my user and navigate through menus, i installed also calendar and contact apps…everything went smooth… but dont know why i cant access any more, i got a blank page. I tried to install external storage one drive and google drive but i got an error inside nextcloud.

I attach my server intalled using the web installer…

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2) : 16.0.3 ( web installer)
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04) : Dont know using 000webhost
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25) : Dont know using 000webhost
PHP version (eg, 7.1) :7.1

The issue you are facing:

  1. Enter to [[] -> Server works ( webhost ) as shows an index.php file
  2. [[> Blank page cant even enter or see a message error

Id like to know how to get logs and how to use again nextcloud…

Im a teacher in a vocational institute and need to fix this to my students…so any help would be apreciated…

What is Nextcloud? If it would be storage of files it wouldn’t really be suitable for the free learning platform

Is something similar to google drive, but im a teacher i only want it to work, upload some file or folder and download and thats it…not intensive use…

By the way what linux version, apache, php, mysql are 000webhost using ¿?


Yeah teachers can use Google Drive of course it’ll be more reliable as well.
You can’t use the free platform for file storage.

I know but its for eduacational purposes… I have a local ubuntu 18.04 server with nextcloud installed virtual machine… So i wanted to test with my students a hosting free… so they could test for example : and connect there from different places and networks… also they could use the nextcloud app for android… We wont exceed the quota or load the servers…


Hello! Do you know if your application queries the database intensively? Blank page (most likely masked error 500) was probably caused by script returning bad response from database amid rate limiting policy (see below link).

Next time you receive the blank page, make sure /public_html/.htaccess contains php_value display_errors 1 to output any eventual error.

It has the php_value ok

Seems i pass the database limit, after an hour or so i could login.
Now i have a permissions on a folder problem. In 000webhost i have all the folder with full rights but if i enter in nextcloud they told me that i dont have enough permissions to upload a file…

Regarding permission, I believe button “Repair website” will fix this issue. It is located in: cPanel > Manage website >| Settings > General

Thanks but i tried i think the problem is which user and group is 000webhost giving me to change permissions in free plan. I can change permissions of group, but dont know which group… ex: i cant attach read, write permissions to www-data group or apache group, or apache user or www-data user… I have a “predefined user and group” and seems that this are not enough to nextcloud…

Thanks again

Using root permissions your host could reset your folder group to the required one.