Not able to update to new File Manager System

I’m unable to login the File Manager, I had read the topic about updating the ZIP file, but if i’m unable to login the File Manager i can’t do it.

My website is :

When i try to login appears the progress bar looking like it’s loading but it never ends.

It’s looking like your website is currently affected by an FTP issue if you just wait to help then you will be able to upload the alternative file manager in the future

wait for what? I just have to wait and keep trying to log in and some day it will work and i will be able to update it?

Thank you so much for the fast reply, i need to keep working on my website, it’s quite important.

Yeah just a pain to keep waiting, but once you’ve got access use the stable manager and then you’ll have PHP access all the time.

As we speak FTP is still affected for your website, I’ll try and ping you when it has come back up and even maybe get that script on for you.

The developers are constantly improving the FTP system, just today they’ve announced they’ve resolved the timeout issue which affected free users, after logging into the file manager most users would be pushed out in 15-30 seconds, now it should be a lot longer to enable quick file edits here and there.
In the future they’ll hopefully get the FTP nodes 100% stable to provide everyone access to their files all the time despite the traffic on the free network

Alright !

Thank you very much. So you will write me when its up or you will directly update my ftp manager so i can access it through the new one ?

Thanks again for the fast answering.

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I’ll try and ping you here on the forum and likely will private message you with login details to the stable manager once I’ve uploaded it fingers crossed.

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I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile: