Odd Javascript error in phpMyAdmin


I’m encountering a Javascript error when I try to use phpMyAdmin. It’s not keeping me from using phpMyAdmin but it’s annoying and I’d like it to stop. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing or if phpMyAdmin is misbehaving.

The message occurs frequently when I execute Imports in phpMyAdmin. (It may happen at other times too but I’m pretty much just doing imports right now). I took a screen cap of the message but I don’t see any way to imbed that in this post so I suppose I have to describe it in words…

A dialog box entitled “Query results operations” appears at the bottom of the screen. The message says “! A fatal Javascript error has occurred. Would you like to send an error report?” There is a button whose text says “Show report details”, then a button that is shaped like a gear, then a black X. All of the three buttons get ignored when you click on them so you can’t dismiss the message or figure out what the problem is by looking at the error report, making the dialog itself pretty pointless. You can’t even make the dialog go away by clicking something although it goes away eventually on its own.

If somebody could look at that and make it stop, I would appreciate it. I don’t know whether it is something wrong with the system itself that affects everyone or if I have done something wrong that is causing it although I strong suspect the former.


Can you please upload a screenshot? You can upload it by clicking the up arrow inside the editor to reply to this post.


Here’s the screen cap:

I think the problem may be related to scrolling. It seems to happen when I use the scrollbar on the right hand side of the page to go down.

Thank you for looking into this.


Hmm, not really sure what is causing that error. Maybe @NGiNX can help :slight_smile:


I have my fingers crossed (metaphorically because I can’t type when they are literally crossed) :wink:
This message isn’t killing me, it’s just annoying. If it actually does occur whenever you try to scroll down in phpMyAdmin as appears to be the case, it’s probably annoying quite a few people unless most of your customers don’t get into database stuff.


Are you still able to run and save code in PhpMyAdmin?


Yes, that functionality is working again (after being down for nearly 24 hours starting last evening.)


@RhinoSFL Its related to 000webhost. It was an temp issue and has been solved.