Parked domain error this domain already in use

hey so i had alot of trial and error setting up my domains after i bough a domain from godaddy. and i had to delete my parked domain to redo it on another profile as i got a new email, but it says this domain already in use when trying to add parked domain on both accounts

Could you give me the old and new emails alongside the domain?

Hi there I’ve parked your domain but it needs to be pointing to our nameservers and or register it firstly.

If this is in regard to another domain then please list it alongside the 000webhostapp URL it needs linked to as requested above.

well i have bought the domain and i have had it to work, with the name servers pointed to 000webhost. but after deleting the parked domain on 000webhost i couldnt make it again as it said it was already in use

As per the image above, I’ve parked it for you to your account, make sure nameservers are pointed at your registrar as when I checked there weren’t / it looked to be expired.

its working now, the old account had still the domain in use for some reason and is removed now, but it didnt have a site connected thats why the message i got was removed(but wasnt)