Please help - problem with site


I seem to be having problems getting some of my pages to see a css file. All files seem to be there, and works fine offline - not sure what’s happening here.

It’s a basic canvas based photogallery.

The images are showing, and the scripts seem to be working, but the stylesheet not so.
I’ve looked in the debugger - but can’t see what might be causing this problem.
It might be that I’ve done something daft, or it could be something incompatible with the hosting.

Please advise. Thank you


sorry I should further add that everything should all fit into the available width-height of the page, but the thumbnails are just spreading off down the page. The same happens if disable the stylesheets on the local version.


That’s because the file’s not there


Sorry to be troublesome but that is not the problem. The style sheet was there. I’ve tried deleting it and reuploading - but that still doesn’t help.

Is on the server but seems to be inaccessible.


Upper and lowercase makes a difference :slight_smile:


Thank you Infinity - can’t believe I missed that one. Feeling a little embarrassed right now.


Easy done nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Happy site building!