“Powered by 000webhost” branding position


This is for a free site, and branding can’t be disabled.
I have no problem with that, and fully understand.

But, I would like to center the branding div to prevent it from being inadvertently clicked when scrolling.

Apparently there will eventually be a place to do it in cpanel,
and it has been done for one user (by a moderator @akhilkumar332 ),
and there was a suggestion @Supun to add css using:

body > div:last-child {
your css here

If this can be done with css, what would the text be where it says “your css here”?

I have tried several things without any luck.


I’m unaware of any ways to remove or modify the branding; it is placed on all websites hosted here only a developer would be able to modify the code I would think.

May other members of staff could advise; I thought the only way was to purchase a Hostinger domain from $0.59 depending on the tld.



Hi @loganjs

The above trick that I have shown will only work if the branding is the last element in your document. For some reasons it won’t be the last.

What is your website and why do you need to customize that?


The site is loganjs.000webhostapp.com, but my html doesn’t deal with the branding at all. It’s all manual html and the branding is added by 000webhost.

I don’t really have to move it, but I click on it every now and then and thought it might be an easy thing to move.a bit further from the scrollbar. Centered on the bottom, or far left would be good for my site.

If it’s a problem, I can surely live with it the way it is.

I’ve only seen the branding code once. I think, maybe, it was in optimized code from GTmetrix, or somewhere like that. It’s not in my html at all.