Privacy error when requesting websites



Past few weeks ago, I decided to use Cloudflare as for SSL on my website. After following exactly all the step that provided in the tutorial, my website was successfully published with Cloudflare SSL enabled.

But, today when I requesting for my websited by using HTTPS, an error was showed up [privacy error]. It says that connction is not private.
Either I had misconfigure on my Cloudflare or there’s something wrong with 000webhost server?

Can anyone clear it out for me?

My site -->>



@almaddy95 Can you login to your cloudflare account and check SSL status??
post screenshot too.


When I view the site, I get the warning you speak of. But when I check the certificate, it shows Cloudflare, but also a hostname mismatch. I suggest contacting Cloudflare support and telling them that SSL seems to be active on your site, but there is still a hostname mismatch. Make sure to include your website name.