Problem with cert https, it's no safe


Hello, I use your service to install my web page with wordpress.
Then I put the .tk domain
Then change your DNS to the domain tk

Then change the ssl cert, from http to https. And now it appears that the page is not secure. Any problems with your DNS? or I do not know, please it’s important


Do you use CloudFlare?


No, the last time I used cloudflare, the page it fell every 30 minutes, why? it is necessary?


if you want https, yes you will need it. :slight_smile:


I did not know it, I’m sorry.
Could you guide me to install cloudflare?
Sorry for the inconveniences.


You will have to create an account at, point your domain via nameservers to CloudFlare, and then add a CNAME for your site there. :wink:


Cloudflare asks me to enter a domain.
In the cpanel I have the .tk and yours that is very long what I put? m


You put your .tk domain there.


Hey @Brain124
There is a tutorial made by @sulliops about installing Cloudflare on your domain.

Just remember: set your SSL level at Full or else:

  • Flexible will give errors if you try to log in
  • Full strict will prevent you from connecting to your website

The images aren’t working well, but I think the written instructions are enough (BTW when they were here, images were out of date)


The scan arrived at 00:00, then I give it to continue but nothing happens!

So reload the page, and start from 55 minutes, is it normal?


Can you get a screenshot please


Thanks, but the images do not load:(


I put one in the comment above



I’d just wait. It may go faster. :smile:


I mean, what if it’s normal?


I don’t think so. Just be patient. :wink:


Okay, I’ll be in contact. Thanks:3


Starting again from 55 :frowning:


That is weird. I’d contact CloudFlare support. :wink: