Problems Loading Content Into Wordpress Panel - 000webhost


I just installed wordpress, here at 000webhost, the problem is it’s taking too long to load, very much, about 5, 10 minutes or more!

When I press settings> General wordpress the page also takes to load, and it goes blank page, nothing seems!

The site loads normal:
Panel WordPress:

I took a print screen from my wordpress panel that could be the cause of the delay:


Please wait an hour, maybe it has to do with max queries per hour :slight_smile:


Do I have to wait a few hours before I can use it?


Another thing, during this time these errors are normal?

Watch the link:: -> error;

But if I put “” switch alone to “

Should not change right?

Or during that time is this normal?


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Solved, thank you!
It was just time…