Problems With Website Publishing

Something is wrong with my account … I can’t publish my site correctly! My domain shows an error accessing it. Already tried to create other sites to work around the problem but the publication continues with error.

Thanks provide your URL I will report this to developers. ( domain ) ( account with 000webhost )

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Please… help me ( domain ) ( account with 000webhost )

Thanks I’ve reported this now to developers since this is now Saturday it likely will be next week before a reply as the free service isn’t priority.

Hello Infinity,

Did you have any feedback on my difficulty?

Everything was working as it should and stopped …

I even bought a domain through HOSTINGER and everything was set up automatically …

Really very strange …

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I can see your purchased domain is working fine, we are just waiting for developers to solve the publishing issue am I correct?

Can you try to republish today please?

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